For over seven years, Swingin' with The New York Rat Pack has been one of the best kept secrets in show business. They have become as timeless as their actual counterparts - Sinatra, Sammy, Dino and Marilyn. The New York Rat Pack & Friends has been delighting audiences throughout the tri-state area at happenin' hot spots like B.B. King's Blues Club & Grill in Manhattan's Times Square and The Patchogue Theatre For The Performing Arts on Long Island. They have been seen making the scene at corporate and festival appearances, too - even country clubs!

The New York Rat Pack & Friends recreate the sound, vocals and stage presence of these magnificent icons! They bring their audience back to that fun ring-a-ding-ding time when life was a lot less complicated and a whole lot cooler!

The New York Rat Pack celebrates the singing and swinging styles of Frank, Sammy, Dean & Marilyn causing critics to proclaim that Swingin' With The New York Rat Pack is as close as any person can get to hanging out in the front row of The Copa and "it's a show that MUST be seen!"


Sammy, Dean and Frank makin' the scene in front of B.B. King's, 42nd Street, New York  

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